The home-automation era is over

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Sofia is the extraordinary combination of user-friendly Software and powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the ability to think.

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Message from sofiathinks wishes you a happy day after leaving home

Hi Michelle! I see you are leaving home. I'll take care of the house and let you know if there is anything unusual.

Have fun! 😊

Make the most important place in your life safer and more comfortable


Sofia gets to know you and adapts to your house—all on her own.


She anticipates and takes care of everything before you need something.

Solves Real Problems

She secures your home, finds ways to save energy and looks after your loved ones.

Super Easy

Use Telegram to text Sofia—and chat with your home. Self-install in minutes.

Privacy Care

Sofia is completely respectful with your privacy and intimate life.

Sofiathinks kit of sensors

Our technology

A brain in the heart
of your house

We use cutting-edge technologies to anticipate your needs before you even think about them. Everything you need is in a single, affordable, and simple-to-install kit of super sensors.

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Technology for day to day

Ready to chat with your house?

Sofia will talk to you using a familiar, conversational language about everything you need. She wants to make the lives of everyone at home safer, easier, and more comfortable.

A message from Sofiathinks with suggestions about your energy consumption

Cool! I send you an email.

I’ve been analyzing your energy consumption for the last few days and I have some suggestions.

Ok, Sofia. Let me know about it.

Hi Tom! 👋

Sofiathinks employees

About us

Meet the thinkers

We are a top talented team committed to solving the challenges of the 21st century. We are senior and young data scientists, software and electronic engineers, and industrial designers with years of experience at leading international companies.

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