About us

Improving the most important place in your life

sofiathinks is a start-up that takes care of what really matters. Feeling safe in our houses, saving energy, and look after our families. Let's build a better planet from home!

How we do it


We believe in what we do. We wake up every morning to work with the same aim: make your days easier.


We are truthful in our work. We are here to create products and bring the Intellingent Home to life.


We use technology to face these challenging times in an ethically and socially responsible way.


We work in a collaborative and creative environment. You can have fun while putting in true effort!

Our story

A journey to the center of the house

In 2017, a group of senior data scientists, electronic and software engineers, and industrial designers joined forces to develop a real Intelligent Home.

After years of hard work, we created a technology capable of using AI for self-learning and autonomous decision-making. An Intelligent Home accessible for everyone, not only a few tech-savvy people. Now we can say it: We're ready to revolutionize your piece of the world!

The thinkers

We combine a senior team with long experience in software and hardware multinationals with a group of young professionals eager to take over the world.

Jose Murillo

Co-Founder & CEO

Jesús González

Co-Founder & CTO

Daniel Cutiño

Financial Controller

Alejandra Román

Senior Project Manager

Pablo Castilla

Senior Data Scientist

José María Luna

Senior Data Scientist

Carmen Fernández

AI Intern

Diego Martínez

Lead Software Architect

Adrián Real

Senior Software Engineer

José Miguel Benítez

Senior C/C++ Developer

Francisco Navarro

Senior Full Stack Developer

Laura Vera

Software Engineer

Ricardo Labrador

Senior Hardware Engineer

Miguel Ángel Pérez

Electronics Engineer

Manuel Corrales

Firmware Engineer

Juan José Arcos

Hardware Lab Technician

Israel Herrera

Hardware Lab Technician

Ramón Cascajo

Hardware Lab Intern

The living lab

Our HQ is a family house full of sensors in a peaceful town near Seville. From here, we research everything related to bringing to the present the future of the homes.