QA Engineer

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Sep 15, 2021

At Sofiathinks, we are transforming the current Connected Homes into real Intelligent Homes. AI-powered houses that sense and learn transparently from people’s daily habits and act proactively without any human intervention, focusing on people’s real concerns, like Security, Energy Savings or Elderly People Care.

To achieve such an ambitious goal, Software plays a critical role in our platform. On one hand, it acts as the central brain modeling all data flows and running the AI. And on the other hand, it interacts deeply with our own-designed Hardware to get incredible insights.

As QA Engineer you will work mainly ensuring product quality in all their phases to avoid possible future failures. In your workday, you will interact side by side with our development team and you will report directly to our Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Like any other startup, it is critical to find the right balance between speed and quality and to be able to “divide & conquer” problems to later iterate and show progress.

What are we looking for

People who thrive in this role:

  • They love technology and are passionate enough to bring Sofia to new abilities and functionalities.
  • They are driven, have high expectations of themselves, and are at their best in a team-based culture of excellence.
  • They are committed to joining a top-talented team that works to solve some of the challenges of the 21st century.

Apply now and join the thinkers!

QA Engineer Job Description

Main responsibilities:

  • Define, develop, and implement testing strategy, where you will need to differentiate between manual and automated testing and how to transition when is needed,
  • Define tools and environments for each type of testing,
  • Create a Testing plan or versions to test, defining test cases and reporting their results,
  • Generate reports with testing results and share them with the Product Manager to draw conclusions and create action plans, 
  • Identify and create bugs, define their impact, and discuss them with relevant stakeholders for accuracy, clarity, and completeness, 
  • Collaborate with Product Owner and Development team to define acceptance criteria, 
  • Improving Testing practices,

Essential qualifications:

  • More than 5 years of working experience doing similar activities,
  • Willing to accept tasks that involve new challenges not done before and transmit the best practices learnt to the rest of the team,
  • LEAN Startup mindset required. Positive attitude, adaptability to a fast-changing environment, and able to tradeoff between quick & dirty solutions versus quality-oriented
  • High level of English regarding writing and reading.

Desirable qualifications:

  • Studies related with engineering is a plus,
  • Scrum and SAFe knowledge or qualifications. 

Regarding soft skills, we are looking for someone who adapts to a fast-changing environment and eats ambiguity for breakfast. Autonomous, proactive, communicative, passionate, and committed to his/her job. Eager for learning new technologies and stay current with software development new trending.

We offer a unique startup culture, a very open and agile environment with no fixed schedules where you can learn every day, surrounded by a top talent team. Our culture is focus on employees, they are our priority, that’s why we prioritize their happiness providing a good work-life balance. 

We also offer the possibility of reduced working hours if employee are interested and Teleworking.

If this job description sounds like you… Hurry up! Send us your résumé and cover letter to! (Please include in the subject “QA Engineer”).

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